5 Critical Steps for Starting a Ministry from Scratch

Last week, I had the amazing honor of presenting a workshop at  Proverbs 31 Ministries “She Speaks” Conference. What a TREAT!


I have always loved and believed in this ministry. The founder, Lysa Terkeurst is one of my favorite people and has been a dear friend for over 20 years. I have attended She Speaks for more years than I can count and have even sponsored a few of my young ministry friends over the years. I shamelessly promote this event everywhere I go. I have had so many Surrendering the Secret Leaders attend She Speaks that we have our own little parties on the side!

Nuff said? 🙂

Obviously, speaking at the event was a real blessing. We ALL got to hear from Michael Hyatt and meet his lovely wife Gail!  Mandissa attempted to get lost in the crowd without being noticed but she is far too beautiful to get away with THAT!

Little did I know that the assignment given to me by my fearless leaders Renee Swope, Glynnis Whitwer and Karen Ehman would challenge me so much. They asked me to present a workshop called “How to Build a Ministry From Scratch”.

Oh my. THAT IS NOT A “WORKSHOP”, it is an entire conference on it’s own!

I have had the honor and blessing of starting 5 ministries over the past 25 years and am in fact in the middle of staring an international ministry right now. This information has been LIVED OUT in my life!

My notes were overwhelming me! After getting a few tips from super speaker Lysa, I dug in, prayed hard and cut words like crazy.

The result was a BLAST! I loved putting this workshop together and judging from my feedback, it scratched an itch. I had a ton of women sign up to receive my “overflow” notes and additional resources.

I decided to use every ounce of my Michael Hyatt Platform training and pull together a few follow-up options to help share my material. Here is my plan:

1) I have created what might be considered a “White Paper” or maybe a mini “E-Book” 🙂 on the “5 Critical Steps to Starting a Ministry from Scratch”.



2) I am going to offer a free webcast Q&A that will allow you to ask questions about what you are reading.

3) I have a FEW open Personal Coaching slots for those who are more advanced and ready for some specific support taking these 5 steps.

Please contact my Assistant Rosemary at rosemary.j.mazur@gmail.com for information about these resources! 

I love doing this and can’t wait to see the ministries God allows me to serve!


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  1. Pat,
    This couldn’t come at a more perfect time. About a month ago, I left my position of 7 years as the program coordinator for the post-abortion ministry at our local pregnancy center. God has been pressing on my heart to focus more on starting my own ministry plus write a book. Yea, I know, a little scary!

    So, any guidance you can give me, I would be grateful.


  2. This is Gods timing! I keep a secret for 40 years, I have been healed from an abortion that I had when I was 17 years old. God has opened doors for speaking in school and has laid on my heart to write a book. I do not know where to begin this process but know it is what I am called to do. This may give me the direction I need. Thank you

  3. Thank you ladies, we are working on getting your names into our data base and getting this to you!!

  4. Pat please sign me up for your newsletter thanks Terri
    PS did you send out the list of all the ladies emails and addresses from our small group? I hope I haven’t missed them

    1. Please send me the ebook of 5 critical steps to starting a ministry from scratch. I luv ur info! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I needed to start a church but cant get a venue now because of fund. What do i do?

  6. Just got back from Charlotte NC Surrendering The Secret leadership training. It was a honor and great pleasure to attend. Our ministry is on the beginning stages of branching out from our local pregnancy center, this resource will be a great for us. Thank you in advance. I prayGod’s blessing over you and your ministry.

  7. I am led to start a different kind of ministry . Trying to purchase land 27 acres, and and 5000 square foot home and barn . Has three small lakes or ponds . Is there a grant to totally purchase For ministry . For teaching to fish ,horse riding .,voice coaching , instrument practice, mentorship and teaching god’s word without prejudice. This is for primary home and ministry. I’m in mobile AL . Under non denomination ministry. Saved for over twenty years. Info would be ggreatly appreciated.

  8. I am about to start a ministry of my own I also intend to write books, but I don’t know how/what to do to start it. Could you please kindly help me out on how to do this. Thanks.

  9. Is the e-book on starting a ministry still available? I would really like to receive it. I believe God has given me a name and purpose. I have never been a leader of anything nor started anything so I don’t know why He would call me to do this but since He has I want to do what I can to work with Him.

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