40 Day Friends

I am SO glad I didn’t make daily blogging a New Years Resolution.

I honestly don’t know how those people who do that, do that 🙂

Anyway….I DO have a fun New Years Resolution perspective to share with you AND a FREE GIFT to go along. Soon. Very Soon.

My notes are sitting here on my desk waiting to be captured.

TODAY, however, I want to talk to all of you who requested and received my 40 Day Journal Journey with Jesus shared about on this post.

I emailed the first 10 days and promised to follow with the next 10 AFTER you let me know you had completed the first 10 days. We agreed that the starting date would be different for different people.

Some of you got started on January 1st and are ready for the next 10!

Congratulations on taking the challenge. The feedback I have received has blessed my socks off.

If you have not started I encourage you to do it soon! The days are easy and the burden is light. You should be able to do your journal time in 30 minutes or less. Just send me your email address and I’ll send the first 10 days along. Remember, this is just a friend to friend journey. Nothing fancy. I’m simply sharing my own journey and created a guide for those who might find it helpful.

If you have completed your first 10 days and want 10 more–let me know how you did and I’ll email the next.

This was one comment I received:

“I actually started on 1/1 and I have loved it. I am keeping a journal with each day and have really enjoyed spending time in the word and reading your personal experiences. My mom, sister and I are doing it together so that has been nice as well”

What more could I ask for?

BTW—Coming soon–A FREE GOODIE BAG OPPORTUNITY that you can sink your feet into 🙂

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  1. I forgot the part where I was supposed to tell you how I liked it! :/

    I LOVE it! I bought the book, also, and have been using it in conjunction with your notes, but I love the way your notes bring it to such a personal level. To tell you the truth, I’ve never been much into journaling. I guess it has always reminded me of work, because I sit at a computer 8 hours a day and then take care of other personal/ministry correspondence, etc, in the evenings and on weekends. It seems like I am always writing something or formulating something to write…..and it, well, seems like work.

    Anyway…..I have taken your challenge to journal every day using your “40 Day” notes as a guide. I have just loved it! One thing I have learned through the process is that I try to “compose” instead of just write and this time I have just written freely – my thoughts to God’s heart.

    I sure missed your notes this morning! 🙂

  2. Lyndsey–I don’t have you on my list, please send me your email address.

    Deb–thank you for the kind words. I am honored that God has used this in your life!! Part 2 is in your in-box. Let me know when you are ready for the next 10 days,

  3. Denise it makes my heart soar to serve you my young sister.
    Stay the course and lets drink up every moment of Jesus that we possibly can pour into this life we live!
    He is so ready, willing and able to FILL US until we overflow 🙂

  4. Just had to share what God lay on my heart today as I finished day 20; ” letting go of control, gives them room to grow!”
    So true …..isn’t it….

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