4 Steps to Help Navigate A Change of Seasons

I am in a season of listening. I have been in this season for more than a year.

I am listening for what God is saying.

I am listening for what He wants to do next in our lives.

I am “creative listening” through art, journaling, crafting, photography (i-phone version :)) and people.

My husband is a PREEMO listener. I am not so great.

It all started for me over a year ago when I sensed God calling me to a REST QUEST. A  journey of “stilling” my life and my mouth long enough to hear from Him.

In our FIRST MARCH “Month of Monday’s” post (posted today on Tuesday due to road tripping activities). I am finally sitting at a hotel desk long enough to attempt a blog post.

If you are on my mailing list you received your FREE MARCH Prayer and Praise Calendar like this one with this weeks verse:

Our theme is SEASONS and the verse of the week is Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a SEASON for activity under heaven.

I am learning more and more that to truly live a surrendered life, a life filled with GOD’s PLANNED SEASONS, is to explore, question, wander, zig-zag, leap, reflect and LISTEN to what God is speaking into our particular season of life. I am aware that I sometimes set expectations on a certain season of my life and give up when those expectations are not met.

Here are some things I have learned about SEASONS and TRANSITIONS that might help you as well:

  1. Don’t set rigid structures. Give God room to edit and adjust your path. For example–I know God has called me to a season of QUIET QUEST and listening. I am not a great listener but I can’t give up when I find myself “buzzing” again or wanted to START something on my own. I just STOP and BEGIN to listen AGAIN.
  2. Set a time; place; plan for your season/calling and do your best to stay that course (keeping #1 in mind!) For example if you have determined to keep a regular prayer time–determine your best time/place and maybe a study or devotional you will use and do you best to follow that plan. Miss a day? Just go to the next one. BTW-I NEVER get a dated devo. I need to be able to just keep going regardless of the DATE.
  3. Be CREATIVE and FLEXIBLE. Obedience is what God desires of us, not perfection. Think about it–Jesus prayed in boats, friends, mountains, caves….we can do the same!
  4. THE MAIN ONE–Do what works for you and change it when it doesn’t work.

Let’s talk more about the SEASON and the TIME that we are in this month on the blog shall we?

I’d love to hear from you below.

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Happy Tuesday,


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