4 Longings for a Life Unstuck and a FREE Life Balance Checklist

This is the thing about living Life UnStuck, We have to do it uncomfortably and at times afraid.


We have to do it by faith. God will settle for nothing less. If we are going to embrace Peace with the Past in order to be used 100% by God in the present and future, we have to face our fears and deal with some stuff. We have to embrace every morsel of faith we can scrounge up and trust God COMPLETELY.

I have come to believe that women have 4  very basic needs that are CRITICAL for a Life Unstuck:

#1–We need CONTROL




The thing is, we spend a whole lot of life and time trying to meet those needs the wrong way, ways that leave us STUCK!! Stuck in fear; stuck in self focus; stuck in neediness; stuck in discontent.

If you see any of those symptoms in your life right now I have a FREE PDF that will help you take some time to consider a REFOCUS and the freedom found in a Life Unstuck!

Send me your email here and I will send the FREE DOWNLOAD!

Also–While you are here on my website will you take a look at my upcoming Retreat and prayerfully consider if this is for you? There is even a little quiz for you to make to help out!

Hugs and Blessings,



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