30 Years of FREE???

How much do you love your morning coffee?

free is for me


Driving in the car the other day, I tuned in to the excited voice of the local DJ.  “What is something you wish was free for 30 years?”  His answer?  Gas!  I thought that was pretty clever.  How about it?  30 years never having to pay to fill up your car?  Never weighing whether to cross 4 lanes of busy highway just to save $.03 a gallon.  SWEET!


What about you?  What is the one expense, frivolous or practical, that would make you jump for joy? 30 years of FREE plane tickets? 30 years  of FREE groceries? 30 years of FREE manicures/pedicures?  30 years of FREE lawn mowing?  30 years of FREE Starbucks which, by the way, was the source of the DJ’s topic.


There must be something, in the corner of your heart or mind, that you pray God would do for you.  So I wonder, is it ok to ASK God to grant that secret wish in the very depths of your spirit?  Hmmmm, I sometimes find myself struggling to feel ok with those wiggly thoughts that just worm their way to the surface of my consciousness.  For example, you may know by now that a couple years ago my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandbabies moved across the country to Seattle – SO FAR!


I found myself asking God to allow me peace in accepting this separation but, to be truthful, the inner, mushy mom in me prayed that, maybe – just maybe, circumstances might change and they might stay close where I could love on them whenever I wanted.  God’s plan was different than my own. However, I know He held every prayer in my heart and worked his blessings as HIS plan allowed. Well, my sweet family is BACK, and living in our neighborhood nonetheless!!! Though it didn’t happen as I wanted it to, in the time I wanted it to, I know I was HEARD!


Are we limited in God’s blessings?  Never! He hears us and sees us as we REALLY are – No secrets.  No places to hide.  In working through that touch chapter of change in my life, I was inspired to a new way to pray with confidence.  “Yes God – it may not be MY way but I trust in YOUR way.”  I know He’s hearing those whispered prayers and He embraces me because of them.


So, what would YOU LOVE to get FREE for 30 years?

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