3 Things to Pray On Monday, after Sunday’s Prayers.

The alter was flooded fast. A typical Sunday. People in trouble. Lots of them. People hurting. Marriages that are falling apart. Jobs that are  needed. Jobs that are hated. Sickness that has stolen liberty. Children that have wandered into scary territory.

My husband and I gratefully serve on the prayer team at our church. At the end of each Sunday we move forward at the instructed time and pray for those who respond to the scriptural truths—and hope—of corporate prayer. It is truly one of my favorite things to do in all of my life. I LOVE to pray for people. I love knowing that God is there in that moment for that purpose. He wants them healed. He wants them set free. He wants our children to come to Him. He wants to give us protection; provision and peace.

The saddest thing to me is that when I ask people who come–“I know that you are very aware of what the enemy is doing in this situation but, do you know what God has to say about this?”

The answer is almost always a shy “NO, Not Really”. It breaks my heart.

Hear this friend—As Christians, as followers of Christ; as children of God—we must know what God has to say about every situation we are facing or we will NOT find the lasting freedom we need and want. In order to embrace the abundant life Jesus died for, we have to know what God says and who God is.

When people walk away from the alter, I ALWAYS REMIND them to go home and search the scriptures for the promise they need. I sometimes want to FOLLOW THEM HOME to be sure they do it!!

So, I am pretending that it is Monday morning AFTER that Sunday desperate prayer that we prayed together. I am looking at your face right now. My hand is on your shoulders We are desperate to hear from God. We urgently need His help. We believe that our prayers have been heard and we know that God ALONE is our hope.

I am looking into your eyes and reminding you, don’t leave God on Sunday’s alter or in Sunday’s pew.

Pray these things today!

Read God’s Word every day this week.

Write each of these scriptures on a 3X5 card and take turns praying them every day this week!

Ephesians 6:10-17

John 8:12

2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

John 16:13-15

Psalm 51:6

My prayer for us today! Monday 🙂

Lord, we know that you desire TRUTH, your truth, to be hidden inside our heart. You desire for us to know that YOU are our only hope. Lord, I am continuing on Monday, what I prayed on Sunday. I need your righteousness and truth TODAY just as much as YESTERDAY! Thank you God, that you have left YOUR WORD; YOUR SPIRIT: YOUR PROMISES for me  and I intend to take hold of every single one. I commit to learn your Word and to plant it deep in my heart so they when the storms do come, and they WILL come, I will know who YOU are in and for me; what you have promised and what you say you will do. I put my LIFE in your hands and my trust in your Word. AMEN!!!

If you are hanging on today for what you heard and believed yesterday, I would love to hear from you. I have a FREE prayer journal  I have put together and would love to share with you.

Leave a comment below–If you don’t have a BLOG, please be sure to leave your email address.


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