2012 Favorite Moments

Funny how some years are huh? So different for each of us. What is the VERY BEST for some can be heartbreak for others.

2012 was a “challenging” year for me. Beginning in January and moving through the entire year. Emotional. Lots of tough stuff. Lots of spiritual warfare. Lots of disappointments. Still, in the end…when its’ all been said and it’s all been done…what really matters is still here. What I care most about, I still have in my life.

Faith. Family. Friends.

As I look back on this year and do some planning and dreaming for the new year my first priority on this January 1 morning is to thank God for HIS goodness, His faithfulness, His promises, His calling, His fatherhood. His blessings.

Memorable Moments in 2012


One of the sweetest things that happened last year was being a teeny-tiny part of the team with “October Baby” the new movie released in March 2012. I had the honor of hanging out with the amazing Erwin Brothers; becoming sweet-lifelong sister/friends with Shari Rigby and having sushi with her and Jason Burkey in Nashville. What a privilege to be part of this exciting work God did in so many hearts for the Sanctity of Human Life!


Watching my firstborn grandchild play in our home church youth band and worship God with his talent. A Generational promise coming true.


Teaching the  “Imagine Me..Set Free” Life Map and Freedom Journey to over 1,000 women in 4 locations.


Sharing the speaking platform with my beautiful daughter Julianna, 5 times last year. What an honor.


Having all of our kids, daughters-in-love and “G’s” together on a family vacation in the mountains. EVERY time we are all together in one place makes a memory for me.


Watching God weave a tapestry of life.



Watching my Mom dance on her 80th Birthday.


Meeting and praying for these brave women and celebrating the “WRAP” OF KNOCK TV’s first reality show using Surrendering the Secret!


Choosing a cover for my new book releasing THIS YEAR!! YHOO HOO! Who knew it would be my miracle girl. Only God.



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