15 Things I Will NOT Take From 2013

Bye, Bye 2013. Sorry, but I do not hate to see you go.

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Honestly, this has been a pretty TOUGH year. Emotionally, it has been exhausting. Life has brought way too much transition for my taste and rendered too many closed doors for my comfort. I have been stretched in directions that I didn’t want to go and bruised in places that I didn’t know I had. I have had more than one “ugly cry” and more than one “come to Jesus” meeting WITH JESUS! The worst part, the part, I hate to admit most, is that almost all of those “meetings” have been about the same things.

I am sorry to admit that way too much of my personal time with the Lord this year has involved my simple surrender to His redeeming rules. You know, like when you have to ask your kids 1,000 times NOT to leave the toilet paper roll empty or the back door open but they still do it anyways. You know how you will never give up on trying to teach them common sense stuff? That how the Lord is with us and I have always been a stubborn daughter. Always. (Right Mom? 🙂 I KNOW you are reading this!) It seems like some of the bigger things are easier for me to take hold and obey in Kingdom truth than the smaller things like–“LET GO PAT–I’ve Got This!”. “I am God and YOU are NOT!”. That kind of stuff.

The Lord has had to have the same “change that chats” with me more times than He should have this year. I have not given up easily in some battles that were best un-fought.

In spite of myself, God IS ALWAYS HIMSELF! Year after Year after Year.

He always holds.

He always leads.

He always restores.

He always forgives.

He always gives us another chance to say YES Lord, YES! I am taking Him up on that chance this year.

I would love to think that in spite of the challenges of this past year, I have grown spiritually and that somewhere along the way I have blessed someones journey or at least not damaged it.

So, along with my excitement about 2014 and my journal full of dreams for the new year I just had to make a list of what I DON’T Plan to bring with me into 2014.

I humbly share them with you. Maybe you will relate to one or two.

15 Things I am leaving behind in 2013.

1) Believing that other people hold the keys to my success.

2) Feeling guilty for what I have or have not accomplished, compared to what someone else has or has not accomplished (i.e.–using other peoples life to set the bar for my life.)

3) Lack of order in my private world–also known as SELF DISCIPLINE! 

4) Sadness about not doing better then, what I know I could do better now.

5) Holding on to things that feel safe rather than reaching for things that are completely risky.

6) Taking responsibility for making everything right for everybody and thinking if I just try hard enough, I can please everyone.

7) Feeling that exercise and rest are for another day.

8) Forgetting to be thankful.

9) Taking myself too seriously. Spending too much time in my own head. 

10) Expecting to please everyone and have everyone like me. AKA-Approval Addiction. 

11) Not being generous enough.

12) Giving too few hugs.

13) Thinking more about wrinkles and scales than smiles and blessings.

14) Choosing to focus on what is wrong instead of what is right.

15) Allowing Kingdom WORK to overtake the time I  spend with Jesus that NOBODY sees but Him. 

Those are just a few but maybe just enough to get me started on the right foot for a brand new year!

How about you?

What do you plan to leave behind on 2013?

If you share in the COMMENTS, you will be entered in my last Give-Away of 2013. 

(Note: Next Week begins a new year in God’s Word though our weekly SEEDS team. Will you join us?)

Cyber HUGS!


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    1. Thank you Misty. I would love to have you and a few friends join me in sowing some fresh SEEDS next year!

  1. I may have to print this out and keep it close by! Cuz in 2014, I need “to do” what God has laid on my heart, so He can do the supernatural in my life. Looking forward to coming along side you as we start sowing some SEEDS!

  2. Your #6 is my number one! 6) Taking responsibility for making everything right for everybody and thinking if I just try hard enough, I can please everyone. People pleasing never works and in 2014 I’m done with it sister. Blessings to you, and thank you for sharing your heart. 2013 was a hard year and I am ready to kick it to the curb. Praise for a God who sustains going into 2014!

    1. Tammy , Gina and Julie,
      Happy New Year and Thank You so much for making me feel “Normal ” 🙂
      Lets watch God take us to new places in 2014. I am certain we won’t end next year “PERFECT” but we can certainly press on to become a little more like Him,

  3. Amen. These last few weeks of December I’ve had to face so many obstacles… challenges and just down right stupidity. I too am done with 2013. I plan to leave negative thoughts and doubt behind in 2014.

    Thank you for a well written article.

  4. I’m one of Misty’s girlfriends, and I’m SO happy she shared this with me! I look forward to sitting quietly on Wednesday and spending time with Jesus, making my own list. Thank you for sharing this! And for Surrendering the Secret! Blessings to you in 2014!!!!!

  5. Pat, thank you so much for the blog. It is perfect timing for me, I am hearing let me lead you through on faith. I kick myself every time I am stubborn because He is either trying to protect me or bring me into something incredible. I am in agreement with the 15 things your leaving behind in 2013, I believe you read my heart as you wrote. Be blessed in 2014, and enjoy where He is bringing you

    1. Thank you for your kind words Nancy. As I said above, it is so nice to have friends who agree to be real for one another and stay the course together.
      new year blessings to you!

  6. Pat – I read your 15 items and was amazed that everyone is something I have an issue with and what I need to leave behind from 2013. I will be praying for you; pray for me! I need to weed out my life.

  7. I am in harmony with everyone else who has conceded that your chosen 15 things to leave in 2013 are theirs, as well. I would only add ~ for myself that is ~ 16) Releasing; and trusting God with the “specifics,” as He carries me through. You are appreciated, Pat! A Happy, peaceful, blessed, favored, and prosperous New Year to you and yours! ~ Selah ~

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