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Thanksgivings Most Important Recipe!

“The righteous will answer Him, “Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?” Matt 23:37 (A Month of Mondays)

“The soul and the schedule don’t follow the same rules!”

That was a quote from a recent podcast by my one of my very favorite authors and podcasters Emily P Freeman in a recent feature of “The Next Right Thing”. 

Her comment pierced my heart. I stopped my walk to record it into my phone messages. Such truth that resonated with my hungry heart.

Emily’s quote came to my mind again as I was preparing to share this e-letter with you. I would add to her thoughts that neither are the soul and the schedule nourished by the same things!

Think about it.

We will surely “feed” our bodies in the coming weeks. Plenty. Right?!

Turkey. Stuffing. Pie. Oh My!

I hear my sweat pants calling just thinking about it!

Do you know what else is “calling”?

My soul…

My hungry soul cries out especially during the holiday season for me to stay true to the critical needs and longings of my spiritual life.

“Don’t forget me” it shouts.

“Don’t let me get lost in the hustle and the hurry”.

“Don’t miss the message you so need to remember”. That thousands of years ago a baby quietly grew in his mother’s womb as He prepared to change the world. YOUR WORLD!

“Don’t miss the holy in the hustle!”

During the holiday season something deep inside of us longs not to be missed. Food won’t fill the longing. Gifts won’t fill the longing. Parties and lights won’t fill the longing. In the hustle of the holiday a holy hush whispers for our attention. Our souls, our heart & mind long to be filled with the hope of the Holy and God’s own light in our lives.

So how will we “feed” this longing in our soul?

The Bible tells us that man cannot survive on bread alone, and that we are BLESSED when we HUNGER for righteousness! (Matt 4:4; Matt 5:6)

A Woman’s Quest to an Unstuck Christmas gathers a few women together and offers us a chance to nourish our spirit and soul this Christmas season with THE BREAD OF LIFE! (John 6:35)

Let’s explore afresh the story of our King Jesus seasoned with a dash of fun, a sprinkle of color, and a dollop of fellowship.


1 – A  Hungry Heart!

2 – 15  minutes a day for 33 days.

3 – Spiral Notebook; PDF or KINDLE version of A Woman’s Quest To An Unstuck Christmas


4 – Some coloring pens would be awesome!

5 – Consider bringing your kiddos along or maybe a girlfriend or even your spouse! There is enough to share!


1 – Beginning on Thanksgiving Day, set apart at least 15 minutes each day to read the devotion of the day and join the prayer!

2 – Make a journal note about what today’s verse means to you.

3 – Take note of the HARVEST idea for the day and think about how you or maybe you and your children, might make it happen!

4 – If you have a few extra minutes enjoy the coloring pages (or share with the kiddos) and the fun ideas for HOME. There is lots of family fun and extras for your to enjoy as you have time.

5 – Is scrolling through Facebook your bedtime routine or lazy time bonus? Visit The Unstuck Woman’s Club on Facebook to say hello and see who is with us!

My soul cries out–

“Don’t forget me” it shouts.

“Don’t let me get lost in the hustle and the hurry”.

“Don’t miss the message we need to remember”.
I hope you will join me! We begin in just 10 days! 

In His grip and grace,


BTW–This is also the last week to enter? My favorite Christmas Memory Contest for a $100. Amazon Gift Card!

Email your story! (patlayton@mac.com)

Leave it in the comments below.

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