10 Ways To Find Your Finish Line (and a FREE FRIDAY WINNER!)

How to clear the path for a FUN RUN and Lots of Celebrations along the way.


We all know that ole’ saying: Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Oh my gosh, why haven’t I ever taken that sentiment to heart? Since the release of my book, Life Unstuck in 2015, I’ve spoken to thousands of people in various venues, written countless words, and talked up, down and every which way about seizing a life UNSTUCK! But, do you know what I’ve only just recently worked out? I haven’t always seized the enjoyment of all those precious moments along the way.

Indeed, one of the bylines of my book speaks to finding “PURPOSE in Your Present.” Yet, when I look back at the journey to writing Life Unstuck, it’s publication and then subsequent rise in sales, I’ve realized I didn’t take the time to revel in the successes. Instead, just sprinting towards the next arbitrary goal.

In fact, when my fingers stopped tapping on the computer and the last letter in that last word of the book had been typed, in that exact second, I crossed the finish line!!! However, I didn’t glorify in my victory; I didn’t stand up and shout! I didn’t treat myself to a nice dinner! I didn’t ruminate over positive self-talk (“WOW Pat! You did this. You did what people all over the world WANT to do, but don’t); I didn’t preen about my huge accomplishment.

Nope, I did none of that.

What I did do was skittishly, nervously bite my nails and allow the fear of people actually READING the book to take over.

I allowed the joy of crossing that finish line to fall away, only to be replaced by the “next step” mentality I’ve always applied. Hmph, what a waste of some really God-like, praise moments!

All of that to say, that along the way, there are so many “finish lines.”

When your son/daughter graduates college (by the grace of God – LOL), you’ve crossed the finish line!

When your fledgling garden finally sprouts a bud, you’ve crossed the finish line!

When your new baby, blessedly, sleeps 4 hours straight, you’ve crossed the finish line!

When you didn’t over cook the family dinner for the first time in ages, you’ve crossed the finish line!

Allow yourself to indulge in the PURPOSE of your present. You are predestined to stir fancifully in those God-given moments, no matter how insignificant you may think they are.

In light of my new revelation, my heart has overflowed with fresh, unfettered inspiration. HOW do we grab hold of our NOW and make it the “finish line” experience we dream about?

Well, here are 10 steps I am personally embracing to Finding MY Finish Line. 

I hope you will join me and apply these truths to your life and relationships! Let’s FIND OUR WIN! Shall we?!!  YESSSSSSSSS!!!

  1. Find, Prioritize and Nourish Healthy Friendships.
  2. Intentionally ESTABLISH and Celebrate lots of small victories.
  3. Consider stumbles and falls as part of the path and look for ways to learn from each one.
  4. Resist Shame.
  5. Ignore Blame.
  6. Kick Pride in the BOOTY.
  7. Support the victories of others.
  8. Measure your success, your WINS, by dedication to YOUR path!
  9. Know your enemy. He is real and out to trip you up!
  10. Know your Coach, Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and give Him and His Word your complete dedication and trust. You will NOT Win without Him, outside of Him, trying to run around Him or giving Him only part of your heart.

Here’s to arms lifted high with joy; a skipping heart of exhilaration; a breathless pant: I did it!

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  1. thank you, Pat… you, through our Lord, Jesus, Himself, help to bring the light to so many ladies out there in this darken world of ours… your encouragement for us to carry on through hard times are appreciated, as well.. I enjoy reading your blog entries… many thanks.

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