10 Things That Will Wreck Your Race

GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! A motivating catch phrase and good advice for any person launching into a new challenge, but those niggling brain games can be the most difficult to resolve. Successful marathon runners will get their zzzzz’s, eat a healthy breakfast, and warm up, but they MUST also BELIEVE they can ACHIEVE the goal – crossing the finish line.

Let’s “run” with our race analogy, delving into the icky lies that reek havoc on our souls. Do YOU engage in negative self-talk? Do you buy the lie? How do you fair on the doubt-list below? Have you spoken these sentiments aloud or in your head?

  1. Feeling like you just don’t measure up so you try to run alone.
  2. Beat yourself up over all your failures to the point of bloodied feet and raw knees.
  3. Never be satisfied with what you have accomplished already.
  4. Constantly compare yourself to the runners around you and secretly wanting their place in the race.
  5. Declare (to yourself and everyone else) your weaknesses to be stronger than you strengths.
  6. Only feel like a WINNER–“next time” “someday” “when I accomplish…” “if a ribbon is involved”
  7. Constantly feel like “I could do better”.
  8. Stick your nose in the air and “Strut” when you do “WIN”.
  9. Run in the dark.
  10. Keep your eyes on another “nicer, easier, better looking, skinnier….” path constantly wishing you were on THAT ONE!

The devil’s goal is to divert your focus and isolate you in order to take you out of the game. Remember, he is the master deceiver. When we are stuck comparing ourselves with and to others and are unwilling to take responsibility about where we go from here, we let our fears and weaknesses become our identity. We cannot possibly cross the finish line without shifting our thoughts from “I can’t” to “I CAN.”

Us ladies must stand upon our UNSTUCK FOCUS to realize our potential. In my book Life Unstuck, I outline the “Unstuck Truth: #22 – Sometimes we have to change our position to change our perspective. Stay focused on your potential, not your problems!”

So let’s reset ladies! We’re at the start of the race. Rested, fed, and warmed up. We are FOCUSED! We have nothing to prove and only ONE to please. God has set us apart for very specific purposes and we’re absolutely waiting to embrace these revelations in our lives. Our position is shifted and our perspective is razor sharp.


Next Tuesday, 10 Ways to Find Your Finish Line.

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Can you relate to the list for “Wrecking Your Race?”

I’d love to hear from you,


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  1. So many phrases from the list resonated with me. I have a hard time believing others when they praise me for something and am constantly putting myself down. I feel like I can’t measure up and have struggled with this all my life, growing up with 3 sisters and being the middle child of 5 I would compare myself to them and feel I was lacking.

  2. Oh wow talk about talking to me in this post! Where do I start, # 1 not measuring up so trying to do it all and by myself, this is so me, along with always feeling like I need to do better ! Which is number 7! Yet, remembering that I only have to please my Father in heaven is so hard.

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