10 Things I Love about Coming Home!

I hope you missed me bloggy friends 🙂 I missed you!

My last Post was October 10th and for the most part, I have been on the road or in the air since that day.

It has been an sweet season of ministry and miracles. I have so much to share with you but for now, All I can say is….

There is NO PLACE like Home!

When I drag my suitcases through the door after being away for a ministry trip or even a vacation, I always savor a deep breath of Hallelujah Home Praise.

There are so many things I love about my home besides the OBVIOUS! Some are silly little things that I never think about much UNTIL I don’t have them close by.

For example…….

1) My BED and MY Pillows!

2) Coffee freshly brewed and served up to me by Honey every morning for 35 years!

3) My bathroom mirror and lighting. I have trained them to make me look good.

4) My hair dryer (left behind this trip–it was nothing less than a TRAGEDY!)

5) My Seasonal Decorations….this time FALL!

6) My “G” Girls and G-Boys! My oldest Grandson has given me a special and regular Monday Night drive time recently that was sorely missed. A hole forms in my heart for my family before I even board a plane.Not a minute of my time away escapes that they are not on my mind and in my heart. It’s amazing how PERFECT they are when I am out of town!

7) My Honey–I know I said family but He gets his own place in my heart–After all, he does make my Coffee!

8 ) My Clothes Closet! Hotels just don’t cut it. I NEVER take the right stuff. Just never

9) My Washer and Dryer. Thank you Jesus.

10) My Kitchen. I know. It’s a MIRACLE!!

As you can see, I am ever so happy to be home. However, God did MORE amazing stuff that I’ll share next post.

I wonder, what do you think of first when you walk in from a long time away from HOME?

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  1. YES, I have missed you!! I usually take my pillow with me, however, I recently bought a new one and it weighs a ton, so unless I am driving, it will be left behind from now on. When I am away from home, I miss the normal-ness, the routine of home. Traveling is hard work and it gets your body off kilter (that, my friend, is a fancy North Georgia slang term for being off balance). I love to go away to do ministry and even vacation, but THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

  2. I missed you too Leah!
    I have travel buddies who take their pillows. I always choose shoes!! but I SO agree about the KILTER being off 🙂
    Love you girl!

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